Preliminary Programme

The purpose of the International Conference on Medical 3D Printing is to connect leading researchers, industry and manufacturers, healthcare professionals, policymakers and educators, in exchanging ideas, needs and challenges related to state-of-the-art medical 3D printing.

Download the Preliminary Programme here

Day 1

2.00pmOpening Ceremony and Plenary
3.00pmAfternoon Tea
3.30pmClinical applications of 3D Printing: Surgeon examples of 3D Printing in Action
5.00pmWelcome Reception and Posters


DAy 2

8.00amBreakfast Workshop
10.00amMorning break

Session 1:  Orthopaedic Applications of 3D Printing (includes Polymers; Metals; Characterisation; Application)

Session 2:  Dental Applications of 3D Printing

12.30pmLunch and World café speed dating

Session 3:  Metal Printing (Materials/3D Printers/Characterisation etc)

Session 4:  Polymer Printing (Materials/3D Printers/Characterisation etc)

4.00pmEducation: Simulation and Patient Models
5.30pmClose of day


Day 3

8.00amBreakfast Workshop
10.00amMorning break

Session 1:  Bioprinting

Session 2:  Non implantable Biomedical Devices


Session 3 Ortho/Neuro Spine

1.30pmDebate on Regulation and Reimbursement Issues in 3D Printing
2.30pmManufacturing industry/commercial
3.30pmAfternoon break 
4.00pmFuture Plenary: 3D Printing of Complex Organs: Fact or Fiction 
5.00pmClosing Address


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